Wild Woman Weekend

Hosted by Afke Reijenga
15 – 17 juli 2022
De Hoorneboeg, Hilversum

Wellness Weekend retreat facilitated by Afke Reijenga – Blanca will be assisting.

Are you ready to be the sensual, the sexual woman that you are?

Are you ready to step into your full power?

Are you ready to shine?

This weekend is for you, when you are ready for life!

This is a spiritual striptease, in this training we will unveil ourselves.

We use sound, breath and movement, ancient rituals and ceremonies to get to  your true essence and purpose.

This training includes a cacao ceremony.

Are you ready to open up, to share your deepest desire, to feel, to express, to laugh and cry together.

Sister I am calling you, are you in?

Yes I am, buy my ticket here