Tantra Retreat Weekend (led by Afke, assisted by Blanca)

5 – 7 mei 2023
Hoorneboeg, Hilversum

Are you ready to experience real connection?

with tools to:
finetune your sensitivity and sensuality
learn to express your desires and boundaries
touch in a conscious connected way.
feel real intimacy, which comes from openness and gentleness in relaxation
ancient tantric meditations
cacao ceremony

The location is De Hoorneboeg in the middle of the forest and the hay.
All rooms have private bathrooms and there is a huge sauna.
Linda Schaap is our private cook creating orgasmic food for us.

Date:  5-7 May 2023

Here you can register for this retreat

You are welcome on Friday May 5th  from 16:00 (we start at 18:00)
You can chill in the sauna or have a walk in the forest or on the hay.
Sunday May 7th we are ready with the program at 15:00

You can come alone, or with a friend a partner, a lover.

This weekend includes:

How to really connect with yourself and others
Finetuning your sensitive sensual instrument
How to express your desires and boundaries
Conscious tantric touch
Ancient tantric meditations
Cacao ceremony

This weekend is facilitated and led by Afke and Blanca is assisting her.