Make this a November to Remember

Ma – Woe – Vrij in November 2020
Gratis ochtendsessies online
8.00 uur via instagram Live

It is November and I feel like taking you on a journey!

Will you join me? 

On this Journey

  • We Move
  • We Breathe
  • We Observe

This Journey will help us to Remember who We truly are

This Journey will make this a November to Remember…

Soooo this is what we’re gonna do:

Starting from Monday 2nd November, we will wake up together on Monday-, Wednesday- and Friday mornings during the whole month of November 2020. 

We start the day at 8:00 am CET with 15 minutes to Wake up & Energise!

I will share these sessions on instagram live and afterwards post the video’s on IGTV

Here is my profile.

  • You don’t need any specific experience to join. 
  • A Yoga mat is nice to have but not necessary. 
  • Wear something comfortable. 
  • Please take good care of yourself and listen to your body what it needs in the moment. 

To have the full-board-journey experience, I encourage you to join me for the whole month, every day! Of course you are free to join whenever you want/can/feel like it. 

Besides these morning sessions there will be more wonderful excursions on this journey to take, so stay tuned for more to come….

I love to share this journey with you free of charge. I really feel it is time to take this journey together. To move. To breathe. To connect. To remember.