Sacred Voice Workshop with Krishangi Lila

30 juni 2018
The Bhakti Lounge, Prinseneiland, Amsterdam

“Awaken …
And listen to the magic of your voice
Let the song of your soul dance on your lips
Let the rhythms of your heart embrace your whole being
And may you be carried by the wings of music
To the highest realms of Divinity.”

Spend a day discovering the healing aspects of your voice through voice toning meditation that balances your chakras and opens up the blocked energies in your body. Find the freedom of expression in the movement and in voice through improvisations, and let yourself be guided to the source of your soulsong. End your day with chanting the holy Sanskrit mantras that connects your heart to the Divine.

For yoga teachers, Kirtan lovers and everybody who wants to discover the hidden powers of your voice and find your freedom in vocal expression.


10.00 – 13.00
Breathing exercises – introduces the technique of deep breathing necessary for healthy and free voice work.

Movement meditation – free flow guided dance that opens up the body for singing and releases its from tensions

Introducing the importance of Tan tien – exercises and meditations on Tan Tien that is important centre for voice production

Voice toning healing meditation – chakra healing with toning on vowels ( either a , e , i , o , AUM), voice projection towards different energy centres with color meditation and mudras ( hand positions)

Vocal improvisation- singing in harmonies, introducing angel healing mantras in choir improvisation

A little walk in the hood (pretty Prinseneiland) with an eco-fabulous vegan lunch with Ayurvdic mung Dahl soup, funky grain salad with fresh herbs, dates, nuts, seeds & berries, Agni boost carrot/ginger salad with lemon dressing, green salad and Noey’s famous tongue tickling tomato chutney

15.00 – 18.00
Soulsong – vocal improvisation – song that lives inside us; song that can be accessed by deep meditations; song that appears from the silence; song that flows from the open heart; song that unites body and soul

Mantra meditation – You will be introduced to sacred chants in Sanskrit that help you to connect your soul to the Divine. A bhakti yoga practice.


~ Costs: 95 euro to be paid in advance (ticket link)
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7-9 September 2018 (check out the link below)