Mystical India journey

March 2025

Let us take you on a journey.
A journey through India.
A journey to sacred and mystical places that Mother India has to offer.
A journey to the sacred and mystical places within yourSelf.
A journey Home.

In this pilgrimage we will meet the many sacred faces of Mother India, exploring the four main paths of yoga and the difference or similarities between yoga & tantric practice.

Why all the way to India?
Why not just sit in our meditation pose or join a kirtan around the corner? We find it hard to explain, but Mother India will and for every soul she will have a different answer. Whatever the outcome, you will carry the seeds of this pilgrimage in your heart until they sprout under the right circumstances. A remembrance of something so deep and so different from what we’ve learned. Let Mother India shake your roots! And let us (Arjuna, Noëlle and Blanca) guide you on this journey.

March 2025, dates tbc. More info? please contact me

My own experience in joining this journey in 2018 for the first time with Arjuna, Noëlle and Afke as guides was mind- and heart blowing. For years I was longing to go to India and I was hesitant to go because of the intensity of this country. Yes, India is intens and chaotic! And traveling with this group of people and so well organised, made it a very pleasant experience and I was able to surrender to the chaos of India and therefore receive the many gifts she has to offer …. This was and still is truly a deep dive …. into the heart of Yoga, but mostly into your own heart.